6 Tips to Get The Most From Your Treasure Hunting: A Flea Market Survival Guide

Blog | October 20th, 2014

6 Tips to Get The Most From Your Treasure Hunting: A Flea Market Survival Guide

If there’s one thing Americans
know all too well about, it’s the importance of stretching the dollar. So, it’s
no surprise that the first-ever recorded flea market took place on our soil in
1873 and has since served as our favorite weekend pastime, and for many, even a

There’s nothing quite like spending your weekend mornings scrounging
through other people’s pile of unwanted belongings and scoring a great deal for
your new treasure. But it takes special guidance to master the art of treasure
hunting through a market full of an eager, frugal shoppers. 

So, before you get on your
way to your flea market adventure, be sure to pack these 6 tips into your back pocket to get the most
from your treasure hunting experience.

Dress Accordingly! Before you head out on your treasure-hunting quest, be sure to check
the daily weather forecast! The weather may fluctuate in temperature if you
plan on spending a few hours shopping. Pack a light sweater or even a small
umbrella just incase of an emergency! Comfy shoes are a necessity that can make
or break your adventure. Give a girl the proper shoes and she can do just about

Bring Shopping Fuel! Hydrate yourself with plenty of water, even the night before shopping, if possible. An easy, portable water bottle will come in handy when you’re parched
from all the fabulous goodness you’re discovering. Some flea markets sell food
but that’s money you don’t have to spend. Be sure to pack a snack to avoid “hangry”

Arrive Early!
There’s nothing more dreadful than waking up at the crack of dawn- unless that
means you get first dibs on all the best stuff on the market! Vendors
arrive at least 30 minutes early before the grounds open and are more eager to
get rid of their stuff than you are to dig through it. Get ahead of the game
and score all of the best stuff before the rest of the crowd!

Have Cash!
Nowadays, it’s common for vendors to carry a square that reads debit cards but that
trend hasn’t caught everywhere just yet. To be safe, always carry cash on you.
Bring a little extra than you had anticipated, just incase you find something you
just can’t live without, but avoid overspending.

Survey The Scene! Unless your item is a timeless piece, it’s important to compare prices
from other vendors before making any official deal! Don’t be afraid to give
each vendor a heads up about the lower cost the guy next door is offering. It
just might work in your favor.

Barter! Don’t
be afraid to ask for what you want in life. For some, bartering is a drag, but
for others, it’s an exciting opportunity to test your inner businesswoman
skills. It may take some practice, but once you are successful at getting that
old, chipped tea set at the price you wanted, you’ll feel absolutely

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