9 People You WILL See at the Beach

Blog | May 13th, 2014

9 People You WILL See at the Beach

Beach season is upon us! We all know these nine people… are you one of them?

1) The Seaside Strummer

Chicks dig guitars, right? Play that Jack Johnson song again!

2) The Baywatch Wannabe

She didn’t wake up at 5:00am for pilates class and skip dessert to not strut that bikini.

3) The Aspiring Architect

The sandcastle is beautiful, but isn’t the tide coming in?

4) The Muscle Beacher

Oh, your beach ball? I think it went that way.

5) Woohoo Spring Breakers!

Leaving all worry and sobriety behind because it’s SPRING BREAK 2014!!!

6) The Extra Crispy

You gotta get that base layer. It’ll turn into a tan…

7) The Beach Athletes

The beach is just one more place to show your dominance, bro.

8) The Sand Monsters

Oh, you enjoyed your dry and sand-free towel? These screaming kids will change that quickly. 

9) The Beach Rookies

You don’t wear jeans and shoes to the beach. You just don’t. Unless you’re one of these people. 

Do you fall under any of these categories? What people are missing from this list? SHARE with your friends and find out which ones they are!