Check Out Our Favorite Fall Accessory: Naadam Cashmere Beanie!

Blog | October 26th, 2015

Check Out Our Favorite Fall Accessory: Naadam Cashmere Beanie!

Fall is upon us! The weather is starting to cool off and we can finally wear our cute boots, sweaters, and beanies!

However, some of the worst aspects of wearing a beanie are that they don’t fit right and the materials can make your head itch. Well you will no longer suffer from this annoyance because we have found the perfect beanie! 

The Naadam Cashmere Beanie is stylish, comfortable, and made of the world’s finest fibers! 

What makes this beanie so great? It is 100% cashmere. This beanie is incredibly soft, designed to keep you comfortable wherever you go! 

So how does Naadam get the highest quality materials?  It is simple. Naadam invests in the herders and their livelihood and values. How do they do this? They collaborate with a local NGO in Mongolia, The Gobi Revival Fund, to provide veterinary care for 250,000 goats! After collecting the cashmere, it is processed in centuries old, Italian mills! There is nothing I love more than supporting a company that takes care of their suppliers, their customers, and the world around them. 

All in all, the Naadam Cashmere Beanie is a fantastic accessory! This is by far one of the best beanies on the market. We highly recommend you giving it a try yourself! 

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