Check Out Our New Favorite Beauty Gadget: the FOREO LUNA™ Mini!

Blog | October 21st, 2015

Check Out Our New Favorite Beauty Gadget: the FOREO LUNA™ Mini!

Exfoliating should be a part of everyone’s skincare regimen. However, sometimes it’s hard to do it on the regular when the products you use are harsh on your skin. Well, we’ve found the solution to this problem in the form of our new favorite beauty gadget! 

It’s not often that we can say we look forward to using a skincare product, but with the FOREO LUNA™ mini, we can absolutely say that! And why not? It’s a super cute, simple, but extremely effective facial cleansing device. After using it for only a few days, we can feel the difference right away! It leaves our skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated everyday.

So how is the FOREO LUNA™ mini different from your typical cleansing brush? 

Well the biggest pro is that it’s made of nonporous silicone touch-points instead of nylon bristles, making it much more hygienic and easier to clean. You won’t have to worry about gross bacteria and moldy smells lingering in your cleansing brush!

Our second favorite thing about the FOREO LUNA™ mini is how gentle it is on your skin. It passes T-Sonic pulsations through the silicone touch-points to massage your face. We love that it doesn’t feel as harsh as nylon brushes do!

And since this is Get It Free, we love savings, and the FOREO LUNA™ mini is a cheaper alternative to most brushes. It retails for $139, which might seem pricey at first, but there are no brush heads to replace, saving you $100 per year!

An added bonus? The FOREO LUNA™ mini is stylish and easy to use. Who wouldn’t love this sleek palm-sized device? It’s completely waterproof, the battery lasts for months per charge (one less charger cluttering your bathroom counter), and so painless to travel with!

All in all, the FOREO LUNA™ mini is a fantastic product. We haven’t been able to come up with a con yet even after weeks of usage. We highly recommend you giving it a try yourself! 

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