Delegating Home Tasks

Blog | September 6th, 2013

Delegating Home Tasks

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of the hardest challenges for women can be delegating home tasks. We learn to
delegate in our jobs, but when it comes to the home turf, this can be a more
difficult feat.

Being raised an independent, money conscious,
Southern woman, I definitely have DIY in my blood in a big way. I think a lot
of women do. I’ve prided myself on being a DIYer, since it is the essence of
independence,or so I thought.

What I learned is this:When it comes to home decorating projects
during play time, DIY can be great fun! When it comes to overall life and time
management, DIY is not always the best strategy

older I get, the more aware I am of the ever increasing speed with which time
seems to pass, making it more feel valuable than ever.

And the more life and business opportunities
present themselves, themore important it is to use my
time wisely so that I can be the change agent I want to be through the work I
do that creates positive change.

For me, the big AHA! was that I really can “create” moretime to do what I want to doif I give up some things of lesser
value.Time is like a jigsaw puzzle;it’s just about trading pieces of it.

learned that achieving both a balanced life and financial freedom are easier
when we let go of the DIY syndrome. Everyone says that you can’t trade time for
money, but you can. And here’s my simple formula for this life enhancing

– Delegated Tasks = More Available Time

know that right now your mind is going to the cost of hiring someone to
delegate to, and wisely so; here’s the money formula:

Hourly Rate – Outsource rate = Additional Income

that many higher-level tasks don’t equate to or earn an exact hourly rate, we
can still assign a value to them to demonstrate this idea. Let’s say that we
assign a value to your time or a higher-level task of $50 an hour.

are many people who would be happy to run errands for $10 an hour. This is a
great job for a student who may otherwise be earning minimum wage.  By
outsourcing errand time, you’ve cleared a smooth $40 an hour with your time or higher-level

can apply this formula toward any higher-level or income-producing activity.
While you may not be meeting with a client or directly earning money during
otherwise errand time, you may be doing other higher-level activities that
could help you make more money…or even make your life better. Isn’t that what
we all want?

are the higher-level activities that you’re not finding time for that could
change your life? Get a certification? Create a new income stream doing work
you love? Develop a new skill? Track your money?

activities can you “swap” in order to create the life you really want?