DIY Tile Coasters!

Blog | December 31st, 2014

DIY Tile Coasters!

I LOVE being able to decorate on a budget and these DIY tile
coasters are the perfect way to do that! After all, there is nothing more
annoying than getting water stains on your brand new coffee table!

This tutorial uses photos printed from Instagram but you
could also use scrapbook paper for your coasters…the possibilities are endless! You should be able to purchase all of the things you will need at your local craft store. I like to buy the tile from a hardware store and it’s usually less than $0.25 per tile. Without further adieu, let’s get crafting!

Things you will need:

– Photos 

– Tile

– Mod Podge

– Foam Brush

– Clear Sealant (optional)

1. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto your tile using your foam brush.

2. Place photo on your tile. 

3. Add a layer of Mod Podge on top of your photo (it will dry clear).

4. Spray sealant on your tile if you want it to be waterproof.

5. Enjoy!

Talk about easy! To view the video tutorial click here

These tiles make awesome housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts…you get the idea! Let me know how your tiles turn out and what kind of DIYs you would like to see next!

Love, the DIY Diva