Do You Surround Yourself with Things You Love?

Blog | February 6th, 2014

Do You Surround Yourself with Things You Love?

Do you surround yourself with things that you truly love?

Believe it or not, doing so relates to both savvy rich shopping and to your cash flow!

What is cash flow?

Having more money flow in than out over a given time period.

But what is cash flow that’s savvy rich?

Increasing income doing work you enjoy and spending consciously and fabulously based on your life goals so that create financial freedom.

While focusing on increasing income is way more fun and has lots more upside potential than cutting expenses, spending smart is what allows you to be surrounded with things you love on the journey to your life and financial goals.

Spending consciously weeds out having things that you bought only because they were such a great deal, you were bored or you needed a quick pick me up.

So, Savvy Rich shopping is asking 3 questions before you make buying decisions:

1. Do you love it?

2. Do you need it?

3. Do you choose to spend your money on it? (Or are you buying to fill another need?)

Lately, I’ve also been asking “Do I want this in my life?” Everything we acquire takes time and attention, even if it’s simply to hang a new piece of art on your wall or coordinate a new blouse into your wardrobe.

These 3 questions allow you to have balance between your spending and your big picture life goals, while being surrounded by things that you truly love and desire.

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