Eight Student Discounts to Look For This Fall

Blog | September 24th, 2014

Eight Student Discounts to Look For This Fall

School is back in session! If you’re looking to save on
everything from books to insurance and transportation for your kids, then bring
along their student I.D. card and check out these discounts available just for


Textbooks are a major cost for students – particularly those
in college, who need new books every semester! But there are significant cost
savings floating around the web students can cash in on. Purchasing used and
digital textbooks or renting books are always cheaper options than buying new,
physical copies. Finding a copy of the textbook in the library and photocopying
the pages you need is the cheapest way you can do it. Websites such as Chegg, eCampus, and Big Words sell incredibly cheap textbooks
for students, too.

Amazon Student

For students with a valid school email address, Amazon Student is a great program for saving money on shipping from Amazon! After
all, you do get six months of free Amazon Prime benefits, plus some free book
downloads through the Kindle Library.

School Supplies

School supplies are significantly cheaper in September and
October than they were prior to the onset of the new academic year. Scout
around for student-specific discounts on everything from notebooks to writing
utensils throughout the year, or simply search for school supplies coupons if you can’t find discounts available just for students.


Many clothing outlets such as Charlotte Russe, Levi’s, and
Kenneth Cole offer percentage discounts for students who present a valid I.D.
card at checkout. If a store doesn’t actively advertise student discounts, ask
anyway! And carry your student I.D. card everywhere you go, just in case.


Microsoft and Apple both have their own discount programs
just for students (again, valid I.D. is needed to qualify for the discounts),
but it’s oftentimes more affordable to buy lightly used computers, laptops,
tablets, and phones from eBay or Amazon, so be sure to do a cost-comparison before
making your final purchase.

Dining Out

There are countless restaurants and to-go eateries that
offer discounts for students, especially in college towns. Large franchises
generally don’t offer student discounts – though some may offer food deals for
good grades periodically – but local eateries probably have some form of a
discount for students, such as 10% off the final bill, $1 off a popular menu
item, and the like.

Auto Insurance

Most insurance companies offer “good student” discounts to
insured customers who can prove that they have a satisfactory GPA to qualify
for the discount. Good grades tend to suggest a sense of responsibility on the
student’s part, hence the reason these companies are willing to lower their insurance
rates. If your driving-age children don’t currently have a good student
discount applied to their insurance, be sure to ask what your company offers!

Public Transportation

If your kids don’t drive, then they might be able to qualify
for public transportation discounts, especially if they use public transport to
get to school. Many metro areas have discounted rates for students and younger
travelers alike.