Five Ways to Save on a Day at the Spa

Blog | December 19th, 2013

Five Ways to Save on a Day at the Spa

‘Tis the season to relax and rejuvenate…if only spas weren’t
so expensive! With hour-long professional massages costing $100 or more, a day
of relaxation seems like a far-off fantasy for most of us frugal folks. But this
doesn’t have to be the case! Although you may not be able to drop a few hundred
dollars on a luxury spa treatment, there are other ways to save on a day at the

Go on Your Birthday

Many spas offer free admission or a steep discount to
individuals who come on their birthday. Valid ID is obviously required for
validation purposes, but otherwise you’re good to go! If your local spa doesn’t
offer free admission, then ask if they have any birthday discounts on massages.
Even if it’s not advertised on their websites, most spas usually offer
something for customers who choose to celebrate their birthday at a spa, so it
can’t hurt to ask before going!

New Customer Offers

Many spas are starting to offer discounts to new customers.
This is a common marketing tactic used to entice potential long-term customers
into businesses. During an economic recession where spa services are considered
nonessential luxury items, more and more day spas are offering special
discounts for new customers. If you’re not sure if a spa offers such a deal,
either check their website or call them up and ask. Some may offer 10-15%
discounts, while others may not offer a discount at all (but it doesn’t hurt to

Spa Coupons

A few massage providers and spa centers periodically distribute
coupons, whether it be in local newspapers or online. 10-30% discount coupons
are common, but sometimes you’ll find a “Buy One Spa Service, Get One Free”
coupon (great for couples!) or an offer for an extra spa service with the
purchase of a spa package. Spas understand that they’re not exactly cheap, but
they also want to drive more customers to their business, so be on the lookout
for coupons in your local newspaper or on websites such as SumoCoupon.

Daily Deals

Fierce competition exists between many masseurs and spa
service providers, so there are always deals on spa treatments and massages
available on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. Groupon’s Local category
lists several spa services—ranging from massages to waxing to facial treatments—and
most of these offerings are heavily discounted from the original price,
allowing you to indulge in five-star pampering with a two-star cost.

Just a ‘Day Pass’

Massages and treatments are pretty expensive, but this
doesn’t mean you should avoid going to the spa altogether. Many places offer a
much more affordable “day pass” that gives you access to many amenities the spa
has to offer, just without the private massage treatment. If you’re only
looking for a relaxing day lounging around pools, sauna rooms, and hot tubs,
then a day pass is all you need to have the perfect spa experience without
breaking the bank.

Kelly Kehoe is a staff writer for Money Street Smart and works with, a site full coupons and coupon codes.