Five Ways to Save on Coffee

Five Ways to Save on Coffee

Kelly Kehoe is a staff writer for Money Street Smart and works with, a site full coupons and coupon codes. 

A cup of coffee a day keeps the fatigue away, but – although
this is a healthier alternative to soda for a caffeine fix – coffee can be
really expensive! Many people don’t bat an eye at the idea of spending hundreds
of dollars or more per year on coffee, even though that money could have been
better used or invested elsewhere. If ditching the habit entirely isn’t an
option for you, there are still many ways to cut back on your coffee costs:


1. Brew It At Home

Let’s start with the basics: brew your coffee at home! This
useful Coffee Cost Calculator
can help you determine how much money you’re squandering by buying coffee from
a shop instead of simply making it at home. Although there is an upfront investment
involved (the coffee maker and to-go coffee mug), the price of your daily cup
of joe will be much lower than coffee bought at Starbucks or your local coffee
shop (how else would these companies cover the cost of rent and barista wages
if it weren’t for inflated coffee prices?).

If you prefer your blended coffee drinks cold, there are
several homemade frappuccino recipes online, such as this $0.32 Squawkfox recipe (this page also has a detailed breakdown of the costs of homemade

2. Cheap vs. Gourmet

If brewing at home isn’t an option, then consider going
elsewhere to get your coffee fix. Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s offer
cheaper selections and have surprisingly high ratings when it comes to coffee
taste testing (in 2007, Consumer Reports
even ranked McDonald’s coffee higher than Starbucks). In the past couple of
years, fast food joints have expanded further into the realm of coffee, offering
mocha blends and iced coffees as well.

Unless you have discerning taste buds, simply changing where
you buy your coffee can save you plenty of money.

3. Clip Coffee Coupons

Coffee biz is very competitive and there are always online coupon codes available to help you
save money on coffee orders at checkout. Newspaper and print advertisements you
receive in the mail often have coupons for coffee as well. Whenever possible, gather
multiple coupons (some retailers and/or manufacturers don’t limit you to just
one) and stock up on your favorite coffee blends while they’re discounted.

4. Join a Coffee Club

If you’re a frequent coffee drinker, you may benefit from
joining a coffee savings club. The basic premise here is that the more money
you spend, the more rewards you rack up. Many coffee companies offer these
clubs to increase loyalty to their brand, such as My Starbucks Rewards or Café Express Savings Club by Green Mountain Coffee (amongst hundreds of other clubs; simply
Google your favorite coffee store or brand to see whether they have a loyalty

5. Search for Specials

If you still want to get coffee while you’re out and about, look
around for coffee shop specials. For example, Starbucks offers seasonal specials
throughout the year, such as Treat Receipt ($2 cold Grande drink after 2pm with
a receipt from a morning coffee purchase), Frappuccino Happy Hour (half-priced
frappes), and more. Smaller franchises and local coffee shops also have various
specials, such as happy hours, “Buy One, Get One Free” offers, free refills,
and more.