Get Cozy With Carole Hochman Slipper Socks!

Blog | February 22nd, 2016

Get Cozy With Carole Hochman Slipper Socks!

Picture this: it’s a chilly Sunday morning and you’re lying on the couch bundled up in a blanket watching your favorite movie. You can’t get comfortable because you keep squirming, trying to tuck away your feet under the blanket. No matter how hard you try, they keep coming out, leaving your toes exposed to the cold.

It’s a scenario we all knew too well. That was until we discovered the Carole Hochman plushfill® Cashmere Cable Slipper! These slippers have transformed the way we spend our lazy days.  

The inside of the plushfill® Cashmere Cable Slipper is made from a unique fiber that’s blended with cashmere for an incredibly soft and cozy experience. We’ve never worn anything cashmere on our feet before, and let us tell you it is incredible!

What makes the slippers even better are the grip soles. You no longer have to worry about slipping and sliding as you move around the house. Once you put these on, you won’t want to take them off.

The sheer comfort of the plushfill® Cashmere Cable Slipper truly makes them a beautiful gift for any ladies in your life. They’re knit with a classic cable stitch pattern and finished with a grosgrain bow for the perfect feminine touch.

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