Get It Free Sweepstakes Winner’s Happy Holiday!

Blog | December 23rd, 2013

Get It Free Sweepstakes Winner’s Happy Holiday!

“Our family is so thankful for Get It Free for choosing to
share this amazing Christmas gift. It has been a rough year for us and now we
are able to provide our daughter with her first real Christmas.”

-Alisia Maskevich.

Tis the season to
spread holiday cheer and make spirits bright! Here at Get It
 we did just that.

Get It
Free made this Christmas one to remember for Alisia
and her family. We
ran a contest, Get It Free’s
Christmas Wish List Contest
, and entrants were asked to write what
Christmas meant to them. Throughout the course of six days we received
thousands of entries from people all across the country, opening up and telling
us their stories.

It’s safe to say that
Alisia’s story really touched and moved us. Alisia Maskevich and her husband
Alex have two kids, a two-year-old daughter and a two-month-old son. This time
last year the Maskevich family was homeless, forced out of their home after
losing both of their jobs.

Throughout the past
year they’ve been able to get back on their feet, but times are still tough.
Struggling to find a way to put presents under the tree for their daughter (who
believes in Santa for the first time) and two-month-old son, Alisia entered Get
It Free’s Christmas Wish List Contest.

After reading Alisia’s
story, we knew that we wanted to make this Christmas one to remember for the
Maskevich family! So, we made the trip from San Diego to Denver, where the
Maskevich family lives. We loaded up our suitcases with toys, presents and
necessities to make their Christmas special.

Once we got to Denver,
we picked up other items we thought would help the Maskevich family such as
food, presents, items from the husband’s Christmas wish list and toys for the

We arrived at the
Maskevich residence with suitcases full of goodies and countless bags of food,
toys, presents, household goods and more than $1,000 in prizes! Filling their home with all the
prizes, we were able to see the little girl’s face light up when she saw there
were presents wrapped under the tree for her!

In addition to all
that, we also presented the family with two gift cards – a $400 Target gift
card and a $400 Walmart gift card. Winning this contest has helped the
Maskevich family more than words can express, said Alisia, and for the first
time they’re able to give their children a real Christmas.