Guess What? Your Phone Bill is Too Expensive. Here’s the BEST Family Plan!

Blog | September 9th, 2015

Guess What? Your Phone Bill is Too Expensive. Here’s the BEST Family Plan!

I don’t know you, but I know you’re probably paying too much for your family’s cell phone service.

That’s because nearly everyone is overpaying, and it’s pretty hard not to. As I discussed in my article, The Best Cell Phone Plan for Individuals, the cell phone companies try very hard to confuse you. They also try to convince you that you need more than you actually do. A symptom of Western capitalist society, I suppose.

There is hope, though, at least when it comes to your family cell phone plan.

The winner, for best family plan, goes to…

Virgin Mobile: WiFi Lovers Delight
Cost: $20 per month, per line

I know, right? The cost is incredibly cheap. Of course there’s a catch: the plan doesn’t come with a data plan. BUT WAIT: All you need is a WiFi connection to be able to browse the Web on your phone.

Aren’t you already paying for WiFi at your house? And there’s WiFi at work, right? McDonald’s offers free WiFi. What I’m trying to say is, WiFi isn’t that hard to find anymore. In fact, it’s pretty easy to ge a signal.

So if you’re paying for a data plan, you’re either paying twice for the same functionality (home WiFi + data plan), or you’re paying for a service that you can most likely get for free (WiFi at work, McDonald’s, etc.).

This plan makes a ton of sense to me. By using it, you’re taking something that is readily available, and removing it from your phone bill. This is how you cut cost.

To be sure, this plan isn’t for every family. But if you and yours can figure out how to manage without cellular data, and don’t mind finding a WiFi signal, you can save a bunch of money every month.