How to get samples of full-sized products!

Blog | January 24th, 2014

How to get samples of full-sized products!

Free samples are a great way for you to try out a new product or for you to re-try one of your old favorites. However, sometimes a sample size just isn’t enough. You might want to spend more time with a product and use it more than once to see if you really like it. 

There are places out there that will give you not just a small free sample but a full-size sample of great new products! Granted, this is not a wide spread practice but there are companies out there that will give you a full-sized sample to try out!

Stores are a great place to look for them. Places such as Costco often have free products that they are giving away in store. They want you to try it so that you come back and buy it. Take advantage of that!

Searching online is another great way to find full-size samples. Some sampling websites such as Target offers samples of your favorite products! Be on the lookout for your favorite products!