How To Shop For Your Picky Teenager This Holiday Season!

Blog | December 3rd, 2014

are from Mars and women are from Venus, but teenagers- well, they just might be
from a completely different galaxy! When your children reach the age of
technology possession and style obsession, it becomes more difficult to
understand their wants and needs. They are constantly changing and so are their
interests, so it’s no wonder why parents everywhere dread shopping for their teenager during the holidays!

if you managed to score that smartphone they’ve been eyeing all year, you’re
very likely going to get something wrong along the way, like the color. But don’t sweat it! This difficult phase shall pass. Until it
does, here are a few tips to help you shop for your thriving child and make
parenting picky teenagers a bit easier. 


Encourage their hobbies and interests! 

Whether it’s sports, music, or fashion,
teenager’s hobbies and interests say a lot about them. Encourage the things that
make them get out of bed in the morning this Christmas. For instance, if your
teen drowns out the world with music, gift them with a fun, fancy pair of
headphones or a cellphone charm.



If your teen whips up a mean batch of cupcakes
in the kitchen, get them a baking kit or cookbook.



Ignite curiosity.

teenager that doesn’t know what they want is still discovering who they are.
They are most likely to be open to new ideas. Do
your research and find a gift that is completely out of their realm, but one
they can still learn and grow from.

your teenager loves fashion, a sewing machine would allow them to fully express
their inner artisan and learn a new skill. The possibilities of new clothes are



your teenager enjoys playing sports, a pair of new running shoes can lead them
to new adventures. Just remember, it’s not all about the comfort anymore. A
good pair of running shoes has to be stylish, too!



Let them do the shopping!

Gift cards are your best bet when it comes to playing it
safe this holiday season. They may not be personal, but they don’t necessarily
represent lack of effort. You’ll still have to discover your teenager’s
favorite place to shop, eat or play. Once you do, invest in an appropriate dollar amount and let them do the shopping. It’s that simple!


Happy shopping!