I Can’t Afford It!

Blog | August 14th, 2013

I Can’t Afford It!

Money Strategist Camille Gaines helps women create a savvy rich life with powerful mindset shifts, lucrative income streams using their highest skills and smart investing prowess. 

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How many times have you said to yourself “But I can’t afford
it”? Don’t you hate saying that? What if you never had to say it again? How
totally fabulous would THAT be?

Guess what? You can stop saying it today. Here’s the magical
formula: immediately replace the “can’t afford” it statement with… “How can I
afford it?”

Kazam! Your mindset instantly moves from lack and scarcity
to one of expansion and possibilities.

When you live feeling expansive, you invite and recognize
opportunities that you would have otherwise missed if you were stuck in a lack mindset.

And when you move to possibility, well, you already know
that anything is possible.

Here are some questions to ask to explore solutions to “How
can I afford it?”

1. Could I add another income stream that would pay for

2. Is there any area where I am spending now that is not
congruent with my money goals? If so, would it make sense to spend money
allocated for that expense on my new desire?

3. Is there a way for me to get this item at a better price?

4. Could I buy this item used? (Hint: estate jewelry and
used cars provide huge savings for these items that are typically higher priced.) 

5. If I absolutely had to have this, what would I do to make
it happen?

It’s almost always easier to live in the “I can’t afford it
mode” because “How can I afford it?” calls for change. It calls for creativity,
tenacity and action.

And change can be inconvenient, exhausting or just downright
scary. It usually takes you right out of your cozy comfort zone, and that can
just feel too big. This is where excuses to stay put come in handy, like being
too tired, lacking the education or not having enough time. 

The solution here isn’t to buy stuff that will ruin your
monthly spending plan or create unnecessary financial risk in your life; it’s
to allow yourself the opportunity to have what you want that will make you
joyful and happy.

The idea is to expand into living the rich life full you
dreamed of when you were a little girl gleefully twirling in the beautiful golden
sun. Remember her?