On Behalf of Moms Everywhere: Please, No More Kitchen Tools

Blog | May 6th, 2015

On Behalf of Moms Everywhere: Please, No More Kitchen Tools

So Mother’s Day is coming up. You’re wondering what to get mom. You’re thinking, “Hey, she likes cooking. Maybe I should get her some cookware,” or “She cleans a lot. I should get her a vacuum!” Well, yeah, moms cook and clean (and hey, dads do too!), but news flash! Moms have other interests besides laundry and dishes! In fact, I’m willing to bet that as far as gifts go, the last thing mom wants is something to remind her of household chores! 

Being a mom is an often thankless job, and there’s nothing that makes mothers feel more special than to simply feel appreciated for all that they do. How do you show mom she’s special? Well, if you paid attention to her interests, you’d know what makes her happy (and let’s be real, cleaning doesn’t make anyone feel warm and fuzzy)! 

Here are some gift ideas that will make mom feel like the queen she is!

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker


Do you know what mom’s favorite scent is? Well, if you do, chances are she’ll appreciate it if you get her a bottle of Chanel No. 5 or whatever her favorite perfume is. Perfume makes women feel sexy and confident, so this makes a great gift! Not a perfume expert? You can’t go wrong with Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker! Get it here!


Moms need a break, and a little R&R! Give mom the pampering she deserves with a spa day! Whether it’s a manicure/pedicure, a massage or a facial, nothing de-stresses more than a rejuvenating spa session! Mom will appreciate the breather (the aromatherapy will see to that)! Not sure how to get this for mom? Try sites, services and apps like Groupon, LivingSocial, or even Yelp to find local spas that have Mother’s Day specials!

iPad Mini


If you’ve got the budget, this makes an excellent gift for mom because she can use it for a variety of things! Does mom love to cook? There are great apps like Epicurious, BigOven and AllRecipes that can help her keep track of her favorite recipes! Does mom love to read? With the iBooks app from Apple or the Kindle app from Amazon, she can start her own digital library collection! Does mom love shopping? There are a slew of mobile marketplaces that will keep her entertained! The iPad mini is also small enough to carry in a purse but big enough to enjoy movies, writing, or whatever mom is interested in! Get the iPad Mini here!


If you don’t want to buy anything too expensive for mom, there are numerous ways to make her feel special. Take making breakfast off her hands and make her breakfast for once! Does she have a bunch of old photos lying around? Digitize them so they don’t fade! Better yet, put the pictures into a digital photo frame! 

Running out of ideas and time? Just remember: all mom wants is to feel appreciated, and sometimes nothing is better than a simple “Thank you for all that you do.”