Poppin’ Tags: Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Secondhand Clothes

Blog | September 16th, 2013

Poppin’ Tags: Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Secondhand Clothes

Kelly Kehoe is a staff writer for Money Street Smart and works with, a site full coupons and coupon codes. 

You may have heard Macklemore’s hit song, “Thrift Shop,”
which uses catchy lyrics and a fun beat to preach the value of “popping tags”
(thrift shopping). Although secondhand clothing stores have earned a bad rap
for selling smelly old granddads’ clothes, the truth is: you can look
incredible in the top-notch, lightly used clothes they sell (usually at a
fraction of the cost of what you’d see in a department store, too). Thrift
shopping isn’t for everyone, but if you’re on the fence, then check out the
following reasons why you should buy secondhand clothes:


First and foremost, the affordability factor is much greater
when you shop at a secondhand clothing store, rather than at a regular
retailer. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon designer brands for pennies on the
dollar of retail value. Also, strange as this may sound, many clothing items
for sale at secondhand stores are actually new. All too often, people buy
clothes and let them gather dust in their closets until they ultimately donate
them to a clothing store to make room for a newer wardrobe.

If affordability is important, but the idea of buying
pre-owned clothes just doesn’t appeal to you, then finding coupons from your
favorite stores or shopping at outlets are viable alternatives to thrift stores.

Support Charities

Another major benefit to shopping at places like Goodwill
and Salvation Army stores is that you’re supporting charities*. Some or all of
the proceeds go toward helping disadvantaged individuals living in your area. Goodwill, for example,
funnels its profits into job training programs for people with disabilities,
veterans, seniors, and more. Although some major shoe and clothing companies
are socially conscious (e.g., TOM’s One for One shoes and glasses donation program), buying clothes from secondhand
stores has the most significant impact on your local community.

*Note: Not all thrift stores operate as nonprofit

Reduce Waste

Approximately 11 tons of textiles end up in American
landfills each year, and although you’ll hardly make a dent in that number by
buying more used clothes instead of new, every little step counts. When you buy
secondhand clothes, there is less of an impact on both the environment and your

Create a Truly Unique

Some people love going to thrift stores to find interesting
clothes that nobody else owns. If you don’t want to buy the ‘vintage wannabe’
styles offered by major department stores, why not go to a secondhand store that
offers truly vintage clothing at a
great bargain, no less? If vintage isn’t your thing, there are all kinds of
different clothes sold at thrift shops and in all different sizes, too. Whether
you’re shopping for your kids, a plus-sized family member, or for a spouse with
a new job that requires business attire, secondhand stores are optimal places
for frugal families from all backgrounds to shop.