Skin-sational Pick of the Week: Rilastil Daily Care Micellar Solution

Blog | September 21st, 2015

Skin-sational Pick of the Week: Rilastil Daily Care Micellar Solution

Ladies! Isn’t it funny how we spend so much time putting on makeup in the morning, only to moan and groan about taking it all off at night? If you don’t have this problem, you’re either (a) not taking off your makeup at night – gasp! – which is a big no-no, or (b) you’ve got Rilastil Daily Care Micellar Solution, which makes taking off makeup such a breeze! Let me tell you why!

If you want your skin to feel renewed and refreshed each day, you need to make sure you’re removing anything that’s clogging its surface and preventing the cells of your skin from regenerating. And that means you need a makeup remover to be part of your daily skincare regimen. We’ve tried many makeup removers out there; from the daily cleansing wipes to the department store brand solutions. Personally, I like the ease of using cleansing wipes. They are the best for using when you travel because they are in individual cloths, but they have the disadvantage of drying up or simply not getting the job done in terms of removing impurities from your skin.

What about the solutions, like say… Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Makeup Remover? One would think this would do the trick, right? After all, it’s a fairly reputable name brand. But after trying that one, I have to say…oil-free? If this bottle didn’t say oil-free, I would have never guessed! The problem with makeup remover solutions like these is that they feel greasy and heavy when you lather them on your skin – the exact opposite of what you want to feel when you’re taking off your makeup!

With Rilastil’s Daily Care Micellar Solution, it goes on light and it doesn’t leave you with an oily feeling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! We tried removing our makeup with this solution and not only does it not leave any greasy residue, but it took off all our makeup, even our heaviest eyeliner and mascara! Not bad! We also like that you don’t need to use a whole lot in order to get your makeup off! One bottle will go a long way. The best part? Skin is noticeably softer after use; I even felt like I could just skip washing my face off entirely. 

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