Spring and Summer Cleaning Your Home: How to Save and Make Money

Spring and Summer Cleaning Your Home: How to Save and Make Money

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The spring and summer often heralds a change in the
typical homeowner mindset, as the hot and sultry climate empowers individuals
with a more positive outlook. As a result of this, tasks around the home and
the challenge of spring cleaning becomes far more appealing to citizens, who
are keen to take the opportunity to clear their decks and rejuvenate their
living space.

With economic uncertainty casting its shadow
throughout the U.S., however, the task of spring-cleaning your home has taken
on a different dimension in recent times. In addition to providing you with an
opportunity to create a more opulent home, it also offers the potential for you
to both save and make considerable sums of money.

Making and Saving Money While Spring Cleaning

Once you have opened your mind to this possibility, it
is time to identify the practical steps that can be taken to make and save
money while spring-cleaning. Consider the following options:

Cash in on Outdated Technology and Handheld Devices

While the trend for recycling has changed the way in
which homeowners dispose of their waste, there have been alternative
developments that have actually empowered them to make money out of unwanted
goods. This is especially true with regards to technological products, as there
is a huge demand for outdated mobile phones and handheld devices in the current
marketplace. After locating any discarded or old phones, you can present these
at selected stores to secure store credit up to a predetermined value. Given
the pace of technological advancement and the speed with which new products are
brought to market, this represents a potentially lucrative opportunity to clear
your house of clutter while profiting into the bargain.

Embracing the Thrift Market

A similar trend has taken hold of the thrift market,
which has risen considerably in terms of value since 2010. According the
Association of Resale Professionals, this market has grown by 7% during 2011
and 2012, with further expansion expected in the years ahead. This makes it
clear that American consumers are embracing the market for secondhand clothing
and goods in a quest to live a more frugal lifestyle. By using resources such
as eBay, you can list your unwanted garments and recoup a significant
percentage of their initial purchase price. In order to maximize your profit,
strive to sell clothes that are in season and prioritize the sale of extremely
popular vintage clothing where possible.

Adopt a Frugal Approach to Purchasing New Items for
the Home

With an emphasis on selling old or unwanted goods, it
is easy to lose sight of the fact that you will also need to buy new items for
your home during the course of spring-cleaning. This requires careful
consideration, as reckless spending could undermine any profit that you make
over time. In order to facilitate discounted purchases, it is important to
embrace online innovation in the form of coupon code resources and website
browser extensions. While the former act as third-party websites that
categorize online vouchers across a host of brands and products, the latter
enables you to perform tasks such as real time price comparison and item
reviews. In the quest to save money, these tools can prove as valuable as they
are innovative.