Summer Learning

Blog | June 24th, 2013

Summer Learning

Money Strategist Camille Gaines helps women create a savvy rich life with powerful mindset shifts, lucrative income streams using their highest skills and smart investing prowess. 

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While summer is super busy with family activities for many
women, it can also be the perfect time for gaining new skills that can change
your life. The truth is that there is no such thing as a season where you’re
not busy; it just feels like summer should move at a slower pace, and maybe it
should! But that doesn’t mean that everything needs to come to a standstill. If
you’re a lifelong learner like me, summer spells road trips and audio books,
with a little loud rock music and soulful (and really bad!) singing mixed

Aside from road trip adventures, summer beach or pool
lounging gives the perfect chance to listen to or read books. If you hate the
heat, hunker down in the A/C and watch that video series you’ve been putting
off that you know has information that can ease your journey or catapult your

We live in a time of incredible opportunity with the information
that you need for life-changing accomplishments instantly at your fingertips.
Some of it’s free, and some of it’s not, but there is plenty available in both

Today one of the most valuable free resources is from online
webinars. In the past, these were sometimes a bit light on the content, but
over the past year or two the amount of valuable information that’s given in a
one hour webinar is enough to get you going in almost any endeavor you choose.
For example, recently I’ve improved my ability to use the best keywords for my
blog and learned to get started with Pinterest for my business in no-cost

Another great resource is from YouTube videos. A few months
ago, I learned how to create super quick and simple graphic images that I share
online, and even use for some of my programs. 

Are you embracing the opportunities that abound to create
the life that you want? What do you want or need to learn next? Google it and get
started now; it’s yours for the taking.