The 4 people you hate at the office

Blog | May 15th, 2014

The 4 people you hate at the office

Sometimes you go into the office and there is that ONE person…that ONE person who really grinds your gears. Is that person on this list? Who gets to you?

The person with the candy dish

He SEEMS like a good person but is he REALLY just trying to make you fat? Who knows!

The Know It All

Yes…we ALL know how smart you are. But do you really need to show it in front of the WHOLE company?

The Office Troll

You can’t get a straight answer out of this person! Just tell me what I need to know and let me do my job!

The Lunch Stealer

You come in prepared…bring your own lunch and then BOOM it’s gone! Someone took it! The worst. You really wanted that tuna salad too!