The Best Gifts To Give Your College Grad

Blog | May 10th, 2016

The Best Gifts To Give Your College Grad

A college graduation is a huge celebration! A celebration that toasts to an accomplishment that truly is such an incredible triumph. But it can be so difficult to think of the perfect gift to give someone at this time in their life.

Take it from a recent college graduate, there are good gifts to celebrate a graduation and some not so great gifts. Of course you want to get that special someone something they will love and use. So here’s your chance! We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to get a college graduate in a range of prices and categories!

If you’re on a budget this graduation season there are many DIY gifts that your college grad will love, here are a few that you can put together yourself:

  • A t-shirt Blanket- It’s easy to collect many t-shirts during college, and hard to get a lot of use out of them post grad. Why not recycle all of those t-shirts into a practical and comfortable blanket? This is a great way to give something a second use. Click here to see how it can be done.
  • A Tassel Ornament- The tassel has huge significance in any graduation! Once it’s turned to the opposite side you have officially graduated! Make any tassel into a memorable ornament that you can enjoy during the holidays or all year around. I love how the tassel bunches up at the bottom of the bulb! Click here to check it out!
  • A Scrapbook- College is filled with so many amazing memories! Photos, ticket stubs, notes and more have such great recollections tied to them. Do your college grad a huge favor and compile all of these loose items into an great scrapbook! Leave some spaces free so they can fill in items on their own too! Look how perfect this scrapbook page came out!

A college grad is in a transition unlike any other. After graduation there are full time jobs in the future! If you’d like to get your college grad prepared for this time in their lives, or allow them to put it off a little longer here are a few great ideas:
  • A Watch- A nice watch is the perfect gift to accept the real world responsibilities of post grad life. A good watch can make an interview outfit. It can also assure that they arrive on time! A good watch can last a lifetime and will always signify this huge accomplishment in their life.
  • Plane Tickets- No one wants to start working immediately after graduation. So if you’re feeling generous book your college grad a trip somewhere! Anywhere! A post grad vacation is the perfect way to destress after four crazy years. Also, your college grad may never have a better opportunity to travel than they do right now! This gift will certainly be a fan favorite.

College memorabilia is the perfect way to keep four or more years close to your heart for the rest of your life. Customized school gifts are a great gift to allow your grad to hold on to their school pride a little longer. Here are a couple that we love:
  • A Coordinates Bracelet- Coordinates bracelets are very popular right now! Customize this gift with the coordinates of the town where your grad went to school. This is a cute way to keep a town close to your heart. We love how fashionable and diverse these bracelets are!
  • School Apparel- Chances are the school where your grad went has a bookstore filled with sweatshirts, baseball hats, mugs, shirts and so much more! Most grads love to represent their university! So if you’re on a time crunch, stop by the bookstore and pick up a pair of sweatpants that your grad will certainly love!
  • Diploma Frame- The diploma, quite possibly the most important part of graduation. It should be protected and displayed proudly! After all, a lot of work went into that piece of paper. Get your grad a frame to house their diploma so that they can always reflect on their amazing accomplishment.

If none of these gift ideas struck you as interesting there is one final thing that will please any graduate. Cold, hard cash. There may never be another time in life when you’re as broke as you after graduation. Put a smile on any grad’s face and give them money! We hope these ideas allow your to celebrate graduation season stress free!