Tips for Saving on Halloween Costumes & Décor

Blog | October 8th, 2013

Tips for Saving on Halloween Costumes & Décor

The creepy crawly things of Halloween don’t have to be overly
expensive. In fact, you can transform your entire house into a haunted
nightmare and get a scary costume for frighteningly low prices when you shop
smart. Check out these tips for saving on Halloween costumes and decor and get
ready to spook everyone who crosses your path.

at the Local Dollar/99 Cent Store

Dollar/99 Cent stores are obviously huge hits when it comes
to saving money. Many people shop at these stores to save on everyday items and
they are a great place to find amazing Halloween decorations. While many people
flock to Halloween stores in search of decor, you can head over to your local
Dollar/99 Cent store and find similar items for a huge discount.

Your Own

Sometimes the most unique Halloween costumes you see are
completely handmade or made from items lying around the house. Instead of going
out and buying a costume, try looking up different do-it-yourself Halloween
costume ideas online. There are hundreds of different tutorials and there’s no
doubt you’ll find one you like. You’ll either end up making a costume from
items you already own or you can find something you can make for cheap! What a
steal for a completely unique Halloween costume!


Shopping online already has a big list of benefits. For one,
you don’t have to leave your home to get all your shopping done. As an added
bonus, most shops offer free shipping on all purchases over a selected amount
(could be $25, could be $75, each site is different). You don’t have to wander
up and down endless aisles of decorations and costumes either. When you shop
online, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with ease, from Halloween
cupcake mix and accessories to Halloween costumes for your cat. Plus, you can
find some amazing deals and special savings you wouldn’t be able to find
online. For instance, when you check out,
you could find some Halloween products you will love for free!

With Coupons

Whether you shop in-store or online, never forget your
coupons! Coupons could save you some serious cash, especially when it comes to
Halloween products. While a lot of stores (such as Target) will already have a
ton of great deals on Halloween items, when you add on a coupon or coupon code
(when shopping online), you could save even more. We’re talking savings of 50%
off, 75% off, maybe even 90% off if you’re a savvy couponer.

Creating a Halloween that sends shivers down your spine
doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars. When you check out local
dollar/99 cent stores and take advantage of coupons for your favorite stores, you
could end up with a hair-raising Halloween look that costs less than you’d ever

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