Top 5 Reasons to Say “OOPS, My Bad!”

Blog | June 26th, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Say “OOPS, My Bad!”

We’re all human, which means we have ALL made a few mistakes
here and there. Sometimes these slip-ups require a simple, “OOPS, my bad,” or a
sincere, “I’m terribly sorry for my mistake.”

Today is National Forgiveness Day, so we have picked the top
5 reasons you should definitely say, “PLEASE forgive me!”

I’m sorry if I wear the same pair of jeans every
single day this week. 

I’m sorry for what I said to you when I was

I’m sorry, but I have a senseless obsession with
a dreamy celebrity. 

4. I’m sorry that I can only function on an excessive amount of caffeine. 

5. I’m sorry if I lose my mind while trying to finish all my to-do lists in one day.