Baseball-Themed Recipes to Make Your World Series Party a Home Run!

Blog | October 18th, 2022

Here we are again, time for the World Series! Hopefully, your favorite team made it to the big one, but regardless, the excitement is thick enough to be cut with dull scissors! When it’s a game that is history-worthy, everyone should root for one team or the other to create an event to remember! Crowning the king of baseball is an occasion for fabulous food, so let’s take your celebration from a home run to a grand slam with these baseball-themed favorites and easy recipes to have you out of the kitchen and game time ready!

Swing‘n Chicken Bats

Have you ever noticed how certain foods look like other items? For example, a chicken leg looks like a ball bat! Use your favorite fried chicken recipe or grill those “drumsticks” over the hot coals. Before serving, place thick mozzarella cheese cut into round “baseballs” and stick to each bat. You’ll hit a home run with this one!

Keep up with the Jones’ with a Chipper Display

Bring back a favorite and serve it big-league style! Pick up a pack of small, round, individual containers with white snap-on lids at the dollar store or other discount store. Using a red sharpie, draw stitches simulating a baseball on top of the white lid. Fill each baseball serving cup with salsa or another favorite dip. Now, you have a safe way to serve with no errors, simply dig in and have a ball!

Baseball Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie seems to be the in thing these days but with this one, we’ll add a striking touch of ballpark favorites! Arrange pretzels, cheese sliced in the shape of pizza, potato chips, sunflower seeds, peanuts, paper cones filled with popcorn, mustard, ketchup, and mini hotdogs by cutting the regular size in half or using little smokies and crescent dough. Finish with a handful of foil-covered, chocolate baseballs to add the perfect sweet spot to your winning board!

Concession Stand Favorites

Your living room will have front-row seating and perfect views of the game. The only thing missing is fan-favorite foods just around the corner. Turn your island or coffee bar into a concession stand by using these free printables to make your “food stand” official. Set it up with any stadium standouts like crackerjack boxes, soft pretzels, microwave popcorn, roasted peanuts, pizza, foot-long hotdogs wrapped right, burgers, your favorite beverages, and of course Babe (Baby) Ruth bars! Not only is this an adorable place to get your food for the game, but the prices are also a steal!

A World Series Party is a Piece of Cake!

This baseball dessert is easy as pie to serve, turning the look of a whole cake into pull-apart, convenient, single, double or triple servings. You will never strike out with these individual baseball cupcakes! Decorate with white frosting tops and red frosting or licorice “seams” then arrange them together to form a bigger ball. This grab-and-go treat will keep everyone, young and old, charged up and cheering!

Do the Chop!

If the Braves head to the World Series for the second year in a row, create your own Chop House with, yes, everything chopped! Start your menu with these chopped barbecue sandwiches, use chopped steak and make some “hot” juicy burgers or serve with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes. Pick up some Chinese and serve with chopsticks. You get the drift, just don’t forget to keep the spirit going with the infamous tomahawk chop during the game!

Swing Easy!

If simplicity is what you’re after you can enjoy the game without a meal-planning frenzy! How? Adorn your table with some “hot and ready” pizza and hope the bats on your team are the same…hot and ready! With an easy, endless entrée, who has room for dessert? Instead, fill up a basket or tray with individual packages of baseball traditions like sunflower seeds and big chew bubblegum. The snacking can continue without overloading the tummy!

Fill up the Stadium from the Field to the Stands!

When you can’t get to the ballpark, bring the entire stadium to your house! With this baseball stadium snack set, the grass can be greener on your side! Fill these seats with fans of tortilla chips, crackers, olives and any other dipping choice, then get the field ready with a green guacamole dip! Add some sour cream in small square dipping containers like these for each base and you’ve got yourself a game-day appetizer that is fit for a king…or in this case, a world champion!