Buy These Things At The Dollar Store To Save $200 Or More A Month

Blog | September 11th, 2019

So, it’s grocery day but payday hasn’t rounded the corner yet. You’re running out of everything including money. If you only had an extra $200 you could breathe easy. Is there anything you can do?

Yes! Shop at The Dollar Tree! Start with a list and stick to it. Plan your meals. Buy your necessities. With your accumulated savings and staying on course, you will survive financially until your paycheck arrives!

The following prices are an average of similar items from Walmart and Target. Keep in mind, all items at The Dollar Tree are $1.00 or less! So instead of the price you see below, these items are significantly cheaper!


Food is an obvious necessity but if funds are tight, sandwiches and frozen meals are a budget-saving go to. Add a few snacks, juices and a few “make the kids happy” items and no one will go hungry. When shopping at the Dollar Tree you can have quite a few meals for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. With every item you purchase, you are saving approximately $2.00-$3.00 each. A huge chunk of your $200 goal could add up by purchasing duplicate entree items to get you through this dry season. 
  • Frozen Entrees – $3.39
  • Loaf of Bread – 3.29
  • Peanut Butter – $2.48
  • Jam or Jelly – $3.28
  • Canned Tuna – $1.62
  • Beef Jerky – $4.99
  • Chips – $3.89
  • Trail Mix – $6.98
  •  Juice – $3.47
  • Juice Boxes – $2.88

Kitchen Essentials

No matter how you slice it you’ll need some paper products for mealtime and storage for any leftovers. You certainly don’t want to throw away any of that money you just saved!
  • Napkins – $3.57
  • Paper Plates – $2.42
  • Foil – $3.48
  • Plastic Wrap – $3.48
  • Baggies – $2.93


Hygiene is at the top of the importance list. You can’t go to work and earn that paycheck without it! Appearance ranks up there as well. The money you’ll save on these items at The Dollar Tree will add up faster than you can imagine.
  • Shampoo – $2.98
  • Body Wash – $ 4.84
  • Tooth Brush – $4.99
  • Toothpaste – $ 2.97
  • Hair Coloring – $5.97
  • Hair Brush – $3.88
  • Lipstick – $5.97
  • Deodorant – $4.47
  • Razors – $6.97


Uh oh, it’s someone’s birthday. Even a thoughtful card can cost as much as a small gift these days. Unless you buy it at the Dollar Tree for less than a dollar!
  • Birthday Card – $3.00+
  • Wrapping Paper – $5.18 per roll
  • Gift Bag – $3.23

Reading Glasses

Are you struggling to read those cards because you aren’t the only thing that’s “broke”? Maybe your reading glasses wound up between the dog’s teeth or your toddlers’ little hands and now is definitely not the time for a visit to the optometrist. Not to worry! The Dollar Tree is here to save the day. Simply try on several pair until you are seeing things clearly. This buy alone can save you hundreds!


Between the food, pets and kids, things have probably gotten a bit too grimy to wait for the next paycheck. Clothes need washing, floors need mopping and mirrors need the toothpaste spatters cleared. You’ll be relieved when these price comparisons show how you can keep more money in your wallet rather than ‘cleaning’ out your bank account or flushing it down the toilet!
  • Toilet Paper – $3.97
  • Laundry Detergent – $ 5.97
  • Glass Cleaner – $3.48
  • Mop- $7.90
  • Shower Curtain Liner – $4.98
  • Toilet Brush – $7.81

Baby Care

The little ones are going to have needs, too. Baby can’t make it without a few must-have items of his/ her own.
  • Pacifier – $3.78
  • Baby Wipes – $5.40
  • Baby Shampoo – $4.92
  • Diaper Rash Cream- $4.02

Medical Needs

The stresses of the day can leave you with anything from tired eyes to a headache or even a scrape or strain that needs attention. First aid and preventive items can prevent more costly interventions so be prepared and save!
  • Ibuprofen – $7.97
  • Antibiotic Ointment – $3.98
  • Band-Aids – $4.97
  • Tums – $3.82
  • Eye Drops – $3.24
  • Support Bandages – $6.71
  • Wrist/Ankle Supports – $7.00

Emergency Goods

Being prepared for unavoidable circumstances such as power outages will be much cheaper at The Dollar Tree. Whether you stock up ahead of time or make a spur of the moment run…these items will save you a bundle!
  • Flashlight – $5.97
  • Batteries-4 Pack – $4.34
  • Tea Light Candles – $2.33
  • Candle Lighter – $6.49

No matter what the needs are; food, toiletries, first aid, cleaning supplies or even snacks for a movie night. Maybe some necessities to get you by or a treat to brighten your day. Unexpected birthday surprises or get-well cards may creep up on you. If you want to save money, The Dollar Tree will make that happen!