Cheap Ways To Stay Cool in Summer

Blog | July 13th, 2022

Whoever created the line about “hot fun in the summertime” must not have experienced much of the cool side. Human nature mixed with body temperature creates a constant search for being comfortable, which is being warm in the winter and staying cool in the summer. This in itself proves the theory of opposites attracting! That being said, and the fact that the heat is here and rising, let’s cool down in inexpensive ways that make these hot months enjoyable!

Hang Out In Cool Places

A day at the mall, catching a movie, or playing at an arcade are all ways to spend summer days having fun with a bonus of free air conditioning.

Water Balloons

Now that there are biodegradable water balloons, mom and dad might join the kids for a friendly competition! Giggles will turn into hysterical laughs as everyone cools down in the heat of a fun-filled battle!

Trampoline Sprinkler

Jumping on a trampoline is great exercise but you might see this fun in the sun item sitting idle during the hot months. Make a splash with your kids with an easy, inexpensive way to get outside and move by adding the trampoline sprinkler that turns this hot spot into the coolest place in the neighborhood!

Triple Lane Sliding

Pools are an expensive purchase and ongoing maintenance continues to add up. When swimming is too costly, try sliding! This triple lane slip and slide is three times the fun of the older models and comes in at a very affordable price to help keep the heat at bay!

Summer Screams For Ice Cream

Decades ago there was nothing more exciting than listening for the distant jingle of an ice cream truck! Occasionally, that’s still a thing but in areas when it isn’t, make your own icy treats! Popsicles are a summertime staple and now you can add a healthier version by simply pouring juice into a mold like this one! Keep a batch in the freezer or keep ice pop bars in plastic tubes out of the freezer to pour them over a cup of finely crushed ice for an endless summer of snow cones!

Rainy Days Don’t Have To Get You Down

As long as storms aren’t brewing, go outside and play in the rain! In the “olden“ days, it wasn’t uncommon for kids to be without an array of toys for every occasion. A summer rain shower was an exciting treat! There are no hoses, no waiting for sprinklers to sprinkle, no long lines and it’s free! Simply go outside and enjoy nature’s gift of playing up a storm in refreshing, cool rain!

Stormy Days Bring Cool Activities!

When the gentle rain turns into a blustery day, make the most of it with an indoor, air-conditioned movie marathon! Pop the corn, bake some brownies and stretch out in the AC for a lazy, hazy, comfortable theater experience with no admission fee required!

Look For No Cost Pools

Many communities have their own pools and many homeowners have one as well! Gather the gang and plan frequent pool get-togethers. When everyone brings their own food it’s not a hefty obligation for the host. Those that don’t have a pool can be the host of those movie marathons mentioned above! Working together creates a cool, low-cost win-win for everyone involved!

Cool Clean Fun

As the worn-out saying says, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, the same sentiment applies here…when you can’t find a pool, use your bathtub! While we’re using old sayings, kill two birds (not literally of course) with one stone while secretly getting the kids clean as they swim in a cool pool of bathtub bubbles. You’re super lucky if you happen to have a garden tub with plenty of room for scuba diving, snorkeling or simply cooling down at your own private water feature. Be sure to have water toys and beach towels on the scene for an extra touch of realism! Lemonade is an added perk!