Claim a Target Gift Card or Walmart Gift Card Reward of Your Choice!

Freebies | May 3rd, 2021


Settle this debate once and for all and you could redeem a gift card of your choice!

Are you on Team Target? Or are you on Team Walmart? Answer a short survey to claim your chance to receive a gift card to the store of your choice: Target or Walmart! You could earn up to $100 to use at your leisure at Target or Walmart. Both department stores carry the best and lowest prices in the neighborhood but both respectively carry unique and exclusive products. Either way, shopping at both stores are a win for all!

Sign up is as easy as entering some basic information and answering survey questions. Earn up to $100 and other incredible promotions such as this! You can redeem your reward as soon as you receive them. Receiving a $100 reward can go a long way at either of those stores so don't delay, answer the survey today!

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