Claim Your Chance To Get a Cordless Lawnmower!

Freebies | November 30th, 2021


Potential Reward: Cordless Lawnmower.
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The laborious task of lawn care can brighten the front of your home, influence curb appeal, and even give your backyard a new look.

Having the right tools to trim your yard can also make a huge difference. Cut half of the work with a cordless lawnmower. Get all the major trimming out of the way without the clumsiness of cords or the awful smell of gasoline. If you're dying to try a cordless lawnmower, now is your chance! Claim a chance to test a Cordless Lawnmower and keep it.

Right now there is an opportunity for a product tester to test a new cordless lawnmower. Eligible participants will be sent a cordless lawnmower to test and share their review for a chance to also keep the product. Sign up in three easy steps: sign up starting with your email, complete a questionnaire in full, and confirm your application!

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