De-Clutter: Five Home Office Storage Solutions

Blog | January 15th, 2013

De-Clutter: Five Home Office Storage Solutions

3. Utilize baskets

Baskets are really cheap and work great for storage! Label your baskets, depending on the number of baskets that you need. For example, you can have mail, bills, and miscellaneous labels for each basket. Line these baskets up and place corresponding paper work in designated baskets! You can pick colorful baskets and have them designed creatively to add a more personalized touch!

4. Put up a pegboard

You can have a pegboard placed like the ones you often see in garage shops. However, instead of hanging up all your tools like hammers and scissors, you can now hang all your office and home items like your rulers, tapes, scissors and other items that you often find convenient to use.

5. Use magazine holders and bookends

If you are fond of reading magazines and books during your free time you can easily keep them organized with magazine holders and bookends. What’s nice about it is that it looks really good once neatly arranged, and you can easily hide it from your view if you want too!

How do you organize all your paper work bills and essential paper work tools? Do you have anything to add to our list? Share it with us by writing your comments below!