African Lion DVD

They are some of the most magnificent and majestic creatures on the face of the earth and some of the most interesting.

Go to Africa and see what its like to live the life of a lion with this stunning collection 8 DVD Collection. You'll see things you've never seen before in more than six hours of film and the awesome high-definition footage adds to the excitement. Understand some of this footage this good can sometimes be dangerous to capture.

Lions are the only truly social cat species, making their habits frighteningly similar to humans. Follow the life of a male lion born into a successful pride, watch as a lioness attempts to protect her precious cubs, see the daily fight between lions and buffalo, and meet an amazing man brave and gentle enough to sleep among the biggest cats on Earth.

– 8 DVDs, over 400 minutes of footage
– Fantastic films on the worlds biggest cats
– Captivating documentaries from the leaders in natural history films
– Follow the life of a lion king
– Meet a man brave enough to sleep among lions
– Watch a lionesss struggle to protect her cubs