Extend-A-Duster 2-Pack – Microfiber Dusting At Its Best

Now, you can remove dust effectively while being green! Ordinary dusters just move dust, just spreading it around. You can bet within a matter of an hour it will soon return to the same area.

These Extendable Microfiber Dusters actually grab and capture the dust instantly. You can then dispose of the dust with a good shake or washing.

What you're going to love is the extendable handle which makes the duster extend from 12 inches all the way to 30 inches! This helps you clean high areas such as ceiling fans, chandeliers and cathedral ceiling corners without using a ladder.

Clean ceiling vents and light fixtures or remove dust from the tops of bookshelves and cabinets with ease. Keep one in the office for your computer screen and keep another in the car for windows and dashboards.

– You get TWO (1 Blue and 1 Green)
– Great for Car Windows, Bookshelves, Fans, Furniture and more
– Extends from 12 inches to 30 inches
– Dust head bends and flexes into almost any shape to fit any surface
– Makes cleaning ceiling fans safe (no ladder needed)
– Microfiber pad comes off from handle for convenient machine washing
– Stainless Steel Handle
– Rubber Grip
– Super Soft and Non Abrasive
– Traps and holds dust without cleaning chemicals
– Slim profile for easy maneuvering in or around tight spaces

TIP: Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can interfere with the effectiveness of the microfiber's dust-gathering ability.