Genuine Leather Credit Card Wallet with ID Window

Lose that bulky wallet and ditch your cumbersome purse.

The Credit Card Wallet holds just what you need for most excursions out of the house. Sometimes you need your checkbook, receipts, gift cards, coupons, a wad of cash, and whatever else most of us carry in our wallets and purses, but for most occasions all you need is a credit card, maybe a debit card, a little cash and an ID. That is exactly what the Credit Card Wallet is sized for.

Made from soft, 100 percent genuine leather, this wallet has three pockets for your essentials, plus a clear plastic ‘window' pocket on the inside of the fold for quick identification. Even with all of the pockets filled the Credit Card Wallet will disappear into your shirt or blazer pocket, or even the front pocket of your pants. Also makes an ideal business card holder.

-3 Pockets
-Plus Clear Plastic ID Window
-Genuine Leather
-4″ X 3″
-Single fold