POWERXCEL 2600 Battery Pack

As far as power banks go, the Power Xcel battery-shaped rechargeable power bank is definitely the most amusing. It's shaped like a regular battery but can do so much more – charge phones and other small devices via USB port.

This charging cell is as functional as it is charming. The 2,600 mAh power bank quickly recharges devices and is compatible with smartphones, iPods, mp3 players, cameras, and some handheld gaming devices.

The Power Xcel fits conveniently in your purse or briefcase and recharges from your computer or other USB power source via the included cable – it couldn't be easier!

Whether you're traveling or just need a quick charge in a pinch, the Power Xcel is the power cell you'll want to have on hand. At this price, there's no way you can find a better deal on a cool novelty power bank.

– Rechargeable Battery-Shaped Power Bank
– 2600 mAh
– Works with iPhone, Android smartphones and much more
– Recharges via USB power source
– USB Cable included
– Extends talk time up to 8 hrs
– Dimensions: 2 7/8″ tall, 1 1/4″ wide
– Portable

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