Save $44.37 on Garmin Portable GPS!

Save $44.37 on Garmin Portable GPS!

Never get lost again!

Garmin offers you dependable, easy to use guidance! With its bright 5.0″ display, spoken turn-by-turn directions and many innovative features, the sleek nüvi 52LM offers dependable, easy to use driving guidance.

You'll have detailed maps with lifetime updates! Maps of the lower 49 states, plus free lifetime map updates, let you easily find addresses and millions of points of interest.

This Garmin comes with the most innovative features on the market! Lane assist with junction view indicates the proper lane for a turn or exit with brightly colored arrows and detailed pictures. nüvi 52LM also displays speed limit and accurate arrival time.

Get yours today for just $105.62, and save $44.37 off the retail price! 

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