STAIN Station Stain Remover by IdeaWorks

The Stain Station is a unique and effective way to remove stains.

Don't pay the dry cleaner a small fortune to remove a stain from your favorite piece of clothing use this Stain Station. For about what you would pay a dry cleaner to remove one stain, you can pay for this Stain Station. The Stain Station will last for years and years… or through thousands and thousands of stain removals!

What Is The Stain Station?
It's a 5 piece system consisting of a Base Station, Band, Double Sided Washboard, Drip Tray and Fabric Scrubber.

How It Works:
The system isolates and stretches the stained area which gently opens up the fibers of clothing. This allows ordinary detergent to penetrate the stain thus removing it when you wash the detergent away.

You'll be surprised how well this works even with the toughest of stains! Plus it's easier on your clothes compared to those harsh, over the counter stain removers or the chemicals your dry cleaner uses.

– Easy to use
– Removes all types of stains
– Secure fabric for more effective scrubbing

– Washing board side to scrub tough stains
– Smooth side of board to soak away stain
– Use your own favorite liquid detergent
– Bottom tray seals water inside so there's no mess
– Bonus scrubbing brush