Swat Striker Tactical Pro Gear Kit

The Swat Striker Tactical Pro Gear Kit is just loaded with features, accessories, and utility. First of all, this flashlight utilizes an extremely bright 10W Cree XML U2 LED. What does that all mean, I don't exactly know, but it's a powerful 600 Lumens. The beam is so intense, there's even a warning on the box not to stare directly into it.

The light has an adjustable focus ring for flood and spotlight beams, and this advanced flashlight has 5 modes of output. High, Medium, and Low Intensity, Strobe, and an SOS Emergency setting.

The coolest part about this set is the set of color filters that simply attach to the end of the flashlight for all kinds of uses. Ruby light filters don't disrupt night vision goggles or scare game away – perfect for checking maps or star charts at night. Amber light filters reduce glare from fog, smoke, or dust particles. Sapphire lenses are used by hunters to track bleeding game at night, since it highlights bodily fluids. Emerald light filters help for night settings by making a high-contrast light for navigating the woods.

Oh, and why is it called the Swat Striker? There's a removable glass breaker at the end for emergencies.

– 6″ Swat Striker Flashlight
– Rechargeable 3.7V Li-Ion Battery
– Wall Charger
– Detachable Pocket/Belt Clip
– Wrist Strap
– Removable Glass Breaker
– 4 Color Filters: Amber, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby
– AAA Adapter (Batteries Not Included)
– Plastic Battery Shell (Keeps it in place)

– Adjustable Focus Ring for Flood or Spotlight
– 5 Modes: Low, Medium, High, Strobe, SOS
– 5 Hour Battery Time
– Recharge Directly Through Flashlight
– 10 Watts, 600 Lumens
– Can Be Seen From Over 350m Away
– Water and Shock Resistant
– Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery or 3 AAAs (Not Included)