DIY: Backyard Cemetery for your Halloween Décor!

Blog | October 11th, 2012

DIY: Backyard Cemetery for your Halloween Décor!

There’s no denying that Halloween brings out the little child in many of us! It is the time of the year where the air starts to get cool and pumpkins show off their smiles on front porches.

This year, whether you may be planning to throw a big Halloween bash, or simply want to bring out your creativity with some house decorations, you can get in the spirit without spending a lot! Add some spooky fun for the trick-or-treaters by turning your front yard into a haunted cemetery! All you need are some tools, your imagination and a few cheap supplies to become the most impressive house on your block!

You need:

1. Cardboard or composite wood

2. Scissors

3. Plastic yard stakes or wood

4. Permanent pen

5. Grey paint

6. Glue


1. Flatten several shipping boxes or just about any cardboard you can get your hands on.

2. Use a permanent pen (like a Sharpie) to draw tombstone shapes. Make sure to give them variety!

3. Next, cut all these shapes out with a pair of scissors.

4. Paint these shapes evenly with grey and allow them to dry.

5. Once dry, write on the tombstones with your pen. It could be fun to get creative and make some funny names! Then, glue a wood or plastic yard stakes to the backs of the tombstones and plant them in the ground.

6. By using thin wood, you can make your Halloween decorations more waterproof, where they may last more than one Halloween season. This may work best if you use thin pieces of composite wood, which you can buy at any home improvement store. Cardboard works fine, but won’t last as long – especially if it rains!

More options:

You can add some white paint to the edges of the tombstones to give them a weathered look, or maybe glue some artificial moss from the craft store (or even handfuls of grass!).

You can also use these DIY Halloween decorations to create a haunted pathway for trick-or-treaters. As they approach your front door, they’ll pass by your creations, making your house a memorable one!

Have you tried making your own Halloween decorations? What have you tried and what are you planning to try this year? Let us know by sharing your comments!