Do it Yourself

Blog | March 22nd, 2012

            If you want a job done right, do it yourself! Why don’t we change that old mantra to apply to our spending habits? If you want a job done affordably, do it yourself! Yes, it’s true! You can save plenty of money by choosing (or learning how) to do your own work instead of hiring others to do it for you. You can start saving today!

Mow the Lawn

            While it’s respectable to employ your high school neighbor to mow your lawn, it’s not cheap. Often you’ll find yourself paying at least $20 weekly to outsource your lawn care, when there are a lot of savings (and good exercise) waiting for you by doing it yourself. The equipment you need will only cost a few hundred dollars, so it will pay for itself in a handful of months. You could easily save $1000 a year! That neighbor kid may have to find another source of income to fund his junior prom.

Wash Your Car

            I know… it’s so easy to drive through a car wash on the way home. However, this can easily suck up $10 from you each time you go. Instead, purchase the inexpensive cleaning supplies and spend 15 minutes or a half hour washing your car one sunny afternoon. You may find that it’s really not that miserable!

Cut Your Hair

Gasp! You might clutch your precious locks at the idea of anyone cutting them besides your beloved hairstylist, let alone yourself. For some people, cutting your own hair isn’t even an option. For others, they might find learning to at least trim your hair may be fun, as well as frugal.

            If that’s not for you, do you have kids? You can learn to cut your child’s hair cheaply and pretty easily! A buzz cut is popular for many boys and you will probably find that, by buying a hair trimmer (about $30), you will start saving instantly. The trimmer will pay for itself after about two uses! You don’t need to graduate from a cosmetology school to be able to run the trimmer through your kid’s mat of hair. When summer comes, he’ll love the cool, short haircut and you’ll love the savings!


            Is there a room in your house, a fence, or an outside wall that needs a new coat of paint? Instead of shelling out a pile of money to have professionals come paint it (or leaving the peeling, discolored mess alone), do it yourself! It’s a job that almost any able-bodied individual can do and it will save you a hefty bill. Sure, it will take some time, but it will be well worth it. Put on your favorite music, grab your husband, and go to it!

Do Your Taxes

            Nobody likes to do their taxes; that’s why accountants can charge such a high price! Learning to do your own taxes can save you this cost, and it should only take you a weekend. If you are unsure of where to start, ask around! Some of your friends are sure to have tips or programs that they use. If you can find help with your taxes this year, you’ll be ready to do them on your own for years to come.

What else?

            Look around! Money-saving projects are everywhere. Do you have a pool? Learn to clean it yourself! Weed your own garden and yard instead of hiring others to do it for you. Make your own coffee! Clean your own house! Substituting a convenient meal out by cooking your own food will save you tons as well. Do you know how to change your car’s oil and tires? If you don’t, learn! The more things that you don’t have to pay others for, the more money you’ll leave in your bank. What do you choose to do yourself instead of hiring others? Let us know!