Easy Home Exercises To Incorporate Throughout The Day!

Blog | January 20th, 2023

New year’s resolutions are made one day and likely turn into “back to work” the next without the opportunity to kick them in gear. School starts, carpools begin, and every waking moment is packed full of rushing and chaos…not to mention stress which is counteractive in every aspect of health. To push out the adrenaline that clogs up our overall well-being and flush out those stress-induced hormones, exercise is a must! But how do you find time? Keep reading for some easy options you can incorporate into your daily routines at home and even at the office!


Before any exercise, stretching is a must! Stretching helps loosen tight muscles and tissues which reduces the risk of strains and joint injuries. Many of us spend hours at our computer, sitting, picking up kids, and doing other household chores. Stretching will help you avoid stiffness and body aches by allowing more blood flow to reach your muscles and joints. Stretching and exercise release a chemical in your brain called endorphins which help reduce strain in your upper back, neck, and head which in turn minimizes headaches and nagging jaw pain. Adequate oxygen to the muscles in your brain will improve your energy level, your posture, and mental well-being which, at the end of the day will result in better rest and relaxation!

Pedal Your Way to Health

Indoor biking, hiking, or cycling will improve your heart rate, keep your brain sharp, decrease stress, improve your breathing and mood, increase leg strength, and whittle your waistline while keeping you in overall awesome shape! But how can you do that if you’re at home behind a desk? The answer is simple! You invest in a mini exercise bike that fits under your desk and pedals you to the destination of all the benefits listed above! You can get it here for way less than a gym membership and the convenience is astronomical!

Every Step Counts!

Every step you take is one more step closer to maintaining a healthy weight and possibly preventing serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, type two diabetes, and more! Striving for 10,000 steps a day is promoted by most, but more studies are proving that 7,000 steps daily will take you a long way toward better health! No equipment is needed, although a Fitbit or even your phone can share your progress. Simply get up every time you get a chance, and walk! Take an extra lap around the couch or the kitchen if you’re at home and when you get out, take a little longer route to your car to get those steps in! Before you know it you will become addicted to walking and your mirror and body will thank you!

Baby Weights Work!

All work and no play is not good for anyone and that includes your kids! Drink your coffee at your desk and use the break time to incorporate your little ones into a literal one-on-one exercise event! Babies and toddlers can be temporary body weights while spending time creating those deep gut giggles! Here are some tips on exercising with your child in tow, on your tummy, as leg-resistant weights and more!

Housework and Yard Work

Well, this one speaks for itself! If you’re involved in meetings and phone calls all day, this can be your after work destination. Not only does housework and yard work delete a multitude of tasks giving yet another sense of accomplishment, you’ll save massive cash on hiring help. Most lighter activities burn approximately 150 calories in a half hour while heavier tasks burn over 400 calories per hour! Plus, researchers say that the more you move your body the more alert your brain becomes while being sedentary for more than ten hours daily can make cells eight biological years older than those more active!

One-Minute Workout

When long breaks don’t exist, do the one-minute workout! This means only one minute of high-intensity, heart-pounding activities like running in place, jumping jacks, etc., done ten times a day can significantly improve endurance, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and many other health and fitness goals! Just think about it, only ten minutes daily could create a brand-new you! We can all push hard one minute at a time!

End the Day With Dance!

Exercise doesn’t have to be a dread! When you stay at home, simply getting out can be a brain booster especially if it’s doing something fun. If the thought of hitting a dance floor makes you uncomfortable, take lessons! Invest time for just you and your partner and dance your way to better physical and mental health which in turn helps prevent falls, improves posture and flexibility, eases anxiety, sharpens the mind, reduces pain and stiffness, and increases energy and weight loss while improving cardiovascular health! As they say, as we age, if we want to keep going, keep moving…and dance is the perfect way to do just that!

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