Eco (and Wallet) Friendly Cleaning Products

Many of today’s household cleaners have harmful chemicals. You might risk serious harm to your health from skin exposure and fumes. Many household products can cause danger not only to your health but also to the environment. You should also consider the fact that these household materials can cost as much as $10 to 20 dollars per bottle. With our current economy, buying these expensive products might not be the best option.  Luckily, if your budget is limited, you can check your own pantry and use things that are available to you. There are actually common household products that contain unexpected cleaning power. Here are a few!

Baking Soda

When you bake cakes and pastries, baking soda is used to rise the flour. Amazingly, this baking ingredient can also act as a cleaner and fabric deodorizer.  You can dissolve baking soda and pour this concentration onto fabric stains. Let it sit for about 5 minutes for it to take effect. You can also use this material when removing unwanted smell on clothes and bed sheets. This product costs less and is readily available in most markets.


When cooking, corn starch is commonly used to make sauces creamier. On the other hand, this ingredient was used as a window cleaner, carpet shampoo and furniture polisher back in the old times. You might ask yourself if this really works? Well, cornstarch might be small but it can act as a very effective cleaner. Dissolve cornstarch in water and add a small amount of powdered soap then you can start cleaning every corner of your house. If you have doubts, then try it yourself and be amazed by its efficiancy!

Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol is commonly found in most women’s bags, ready for sanitizing purposes. This product is mostly used as hand and body disinfectant. The other side of this vanity product is that it can be used as an air freshener and furniture disinfectant. You can add 5 parts ethyl alcohol to 3 parts water and add  2 parts of powdered detergent. Mix this well in a spray container until the everything is completly dissolved. Spray this powerful disinfectant all over your house to keep everything bacteria and germ free. This is the cheapest way to keep your house clean and preserve your child’s health.

White Vinegar

Lastly, you can use white vinegar to remove stains from your kitchenwares. Get a thick old rug and add an adequate amount of vinegar. Rub this directly into the stain and you’ll immediately notice that the dirt being removed, little by little. You can also use this trick on your glass windows and tables. Explore more things that you can do with this kitchen cooking product.

You can use these common household materials in combination. Search and explore more things you can do to create your own homemade cleaning supplies. This is a great way to maintain your house and disinfect it in an all-natural way. These innovative methods are cheaper in price but greater in cleaning value compared to modern cleaners. Use all these materials to save money on your house cleaning.

Do you use traditional cleaning materials in your house? What are those? Kindly share it with us by leaving comments below!