Enter for a Chance to Win $3,000 and Ten Cases of Cold Brew Coffee!

Sweepstakes | April 23rd, 2021


Have a cool break with a cold brew!

Whether you’re trying to wake up, in a hurry or want a different kind of buzz in your coffee break…Chameleon is the way to go! Chameleon coffee is committed to sourcing organic, specialty grade and sustainably sourced coffee, giving you the best in taste as well as a healthy option! Right now you can have cold coffee and a bundle of cold cash!

You are living in the days when you can have your coffee and take it with you…anytime you need a delicious, cold pick me up! Two winners will each receive $3,000 and TEN cases of Chameleon Organic Cold-Brew. A total prize value of $3,407.00! 

Enter by May 31, 2021! Click TAKE ME THERE for your chance at this eye opening win!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.