Enter for a Chance to Win $500 in Gifts of Luxury!

Sweepstakes | October 16th, 2023


Prize: $500 in Gifts of Luxury
How to Enter: Fill in your name and email on the entry form
End Date: October 25, 2023, at 11:59 pm PDT

Get some worldly relief with this beautiful self care win!

Ulivary has a prize package for nine lucky winners that will help remove stress with luxurious relief, bundled in a $150-$500 package!

There’s a lot going on in the world and at home that can leave us stressed out and totally frazzled. As you prepare to give thanks in upcoming seasons, this giveaway is a bit like preheating your Thanksgiving oven in that it sets you up for a mood that’s just right for feeling your best. So get in line as some fabulous prizes are about to be served to several winners. One grand prize winner will receive a $500 package that includes Estée Lauder Serum, a Jo Malone London Candle, a Luxurious Hand Painted Kimono Robe and a $200 Thanksgiving Gift Card! Three second place winners will receive a Luxurious Hand Painted Kimono Robe, a Deep V-Neck Cloud Wireless Bra and Panty Set and an exclusive $50 Gift Card for a friend, valued at $250. Plus, five third place winners will receive a $150 bundle that includes a Luxurious Oriental Hand Painted Lantern Dress and an exclusive $30 Gift Card for a friend!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.