Enter for a Chance to Win a Blue Moon Solo Stove or Backpack Chair!

Sweepstakes | July 31st, 2021


The perfect win for summer, autumn, spring, and maybe even winter!

Enjoy a fire pit that you can take with you! The Solo Stove is known for its unique bonfire design where maximum airflow gives a complete burn with smoke that is little to none. Camping or simple outdoor relaxation is made easy with the convenience of a portable fire pit/stove and or chair you can carry on your back! 

Soak into the outdoor world efficiently and conveniently with the chance to be one of 227 winners to receive a Blue Moon Bonfire Solo Stove valued at $285! Also,172 additional winners will take home a $46 Blue Moon backpack chair! To enter, use a keyword for your state, which you will find in the rules.

Enter by September 30, 2021! Click TAKE ME THERE for your chance to win some unique summer fun!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.