Enter for a Chance to Win a Collection of Eight Spider-Man Movies!

Sweepstakes | May 19th, 2021


Movie night marvels!

The word marvel means “filled with wonder or astonishment”. Marvel Entertainment hit that nail on the head with their superheroes and adventures! From comic books to big screen excitement…Spiderman ranks as one of the top favorites! With his super strength and spider-like abilities, he can easily climb most anything…even glass!

When his “spider-sense” alerts him to enemies or danger, you’ll be hanging on the edge of your seat! Win a must-have for Spiderman fans and exciting movie nights ahead! One lucky winner will receive a Spider-Man Eight-Movie Pack Collection Box valued at approximately $60! 

Enter by June 11, 2021! Click TAKE ME THERE and jump on this win before it’s too late!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.