Enter for a Chance to Win a Dog Bed, Pet Toys, Treats, Shampoo and More!

Sweepstakes | September 30th, 2022


Prize: A doggie prize bundle
How to Enter: Fill in your email and open up 185 ways to enter!
End Date: October 7, 2022, at 11:59 pm EDT

Sometimes pets need a little extra help!

Big Barker is giving one lucky pup a big bundle of toys and needs, including a specialty bed worth over $400!

Just like their humans, dogs can suffer from injuries as well as stiffness from getting older. There seems to be a week or a day for just about everything, and rightly so, Arthritis Awareness Week is not excluded. With illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and others that are devastating, many health issues seem less important. But for those that suffer, any can be overwhelming and far worse than imagined for those that are fortunate enough to have escaped the clutches. Medicine has come a long way in treating humans and with that comes the ability to diagnose and treat our loving pets. Right now, arthritis awareness is in full swing and Big Barker is joining in with a giveaway that includes the proper place to sleep for pets in pain. One winner will receive a Big Barker Bed valued at $450, along with other prizes of toys, soothing shampoos, treats, and more. Pets aim to please and when they do, reward them with a well-deserved treat. And go ahead and give another just because you love them!

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Click here for a chance to win, but also an opportunity to say “thank you” to your beloved, devoted best four-footed friend on the planet!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.