Enter for a Chance to Win a Fi Smart Dog Collar!

Sweepstakes | February 24th, 2021


Keep track of your pup!

How devastating it is to see ‘lost dog” signs or posts of a heartbroken pet owner on Facebook! Chips are an option but for the faster fix go for a Smart collar! This is a GPS tracking collar used to quickly locate your dog if they get lost. You can track your dog’s location on your phone using the app. It also activates an LED flashing light on the dog collar, alerting that your pet is missing. There’s no amount of money that can get your pet back if he wanders off so be proactive and protect the precious little fur babies that put all their trust in you! Enter now to be the grand prize winner of a Fi Smart Dog collar including a 3-year GPS plan.

It’s valued at $397 but the worth and protection are beyond priceless!

Don’t delay, this sweepstake ends on April 17, 2021!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.