Enter for a Chance to Win a Spartan Lawn Mower!

Sweepstakes | March 6th, 2023


Prize: One Spartan lawn mower
How to Enter: Fill in your name, phone and email on the entry form
End Date: March 17, 2023

Power through your yard work beginning with this easy entry!

Sappington Pro Outdoor is giving one grand prize winner a powerful RZ-C Sartan Mower worth over $5,000!

It’s about that time again! “That time” is grass-cutting time! If you want to get the job done fast and get on with your life and downtime, keep reading and enter for this win! The RZ-C is the newest small version mower that gives huge results. The four-inch deep deck provides easy maneuvering in tight spots, making your job easy! Spartan mowers are  American-made and made of American steel with a smart inventive design that makes them among the most durable and long-lasting mowers out there. So enter today to have one of your own “out there” in your yard this summer! One very lucky winner will soon receive a Spartan ZTR RZ-C Mower valued at $5,519.00! 

When the lawn is cut, add the finishing touches with a fast and easy sawtooth edger! Get yours here, just in time for the green grass in your yard and a 19% savings of green in your wallet!

Click here to cut over to the entry form and enter for the win that will keep your grass trimmed to perfection!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.