Every Dollar Tree Item You Need to Have a Successful Easter!

Blog | March 24th, 2021

The Easter bunny himself needs help saving money at times. If he needs help, we all need help! Business is booming for him but for some of us, that might not be the case. A slim wallet doesn’t mean any holiday has to be halted! The Dollar Tree comes to the rescue once again to make every part of your Easter holiday a huge success! Here are some ideas to get you on the right trail!

Festive Tableware

Dollar Tree dishes are amazingly durable and will brighten up any holiday! Your table setting won’t lackluster or elegance with plates, glasses, and other tableware to make your Easter meal setting spectacular!

Picture Perfect Paper Products

Maybe you’re playing it safe by taking your festivities outdoors. That calls for the unbreakable convenience and quick clean-up of paper products overusing your usual dinner dishes. Whatever your favorite springtime color scheme is, the Dollar Tree will serve you well! From robin egg blue, basket grass green, Easter chick yellow, pastel purple‘s, and pink, you’ll have no trouble turning a plain picnic table into an Easter masterpiece!

Fillable Easter Eggs

Everyone knows you can’t have an Easter hunt without eggs to hide all the precious prizes! The Dollar Tree has everything from the basic colored egg to unique novelty shapes such as bunnies, chicks, cupcakes, sports-themed eggs, and more!

Easter Baskets

Unless you have an heirloom basket that you’re using year after year, you’ll find Dollar Tree baskets work perfectly for all the goodies the bunny leaves on Easter eve. Just don’t forget to set it out so he can fill it up!


The candy variety under the big, green tree has grown massively over the years! You’ll even find top-quality brands such as Russell Stover, Tootsie Roll eggs, and other kid and adult favorites! Don’t forget to check the regular candy aisle for the movie-style boxes that also make perfect basket fillers!


When you can’t be together and chocolate bunnies won’t handle a mail excursion, remember those special peeps in your life with a thoughtful, hand-picked card. Some are two for a dollar or you can upgrade to the one-dollar version. Whatever you choose, there’s a card for everyone on your list, and as the old saying goes, it really is the thought that counts!

Toys and Basket Stuffers

First, stop off at the Easter section, then hop along to the aisles of regular toys. Choose from Peeps for lips, games, outdoor fun and so much more! You’ll have a cart full before you know it of unique treats that any kid will love!

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Bring on Spring

When all eggs are found, except for the ones the lawnmower locates near the end of summer, and “post-party” has set in, there’s still one more trick in the hat! Watch a spectacular garden grow with seeds, tools, and comfort from The Dollar Tree! There’s something rewarding, educational, and magical about seeing little sprouts turn into beautiful plants! Holidays always come to an end but don’t ever stop creating new beginnings!

Crafts and Decorations

Before this, an incredibly special day arrives, prepare for it! Tell stories of what it truly means as you make crafts and decorate for the celebration ahead! Choose Easter-specific decor as well as special touches that will last through spring and summer. Bring the hope this beautiful season represents into your home. Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you and all those you hold dear!

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